COVID-19 Parish Updates

COVID-19 UPDATE for all parishioners and their families 

A message from Father: While public masses are suspended it has never been more important for us to pray at home with our families.

The Church will now be closed following the government update on 23 March.

As a sad but necessary consequence we must ensure that the doors of our church and all churches and chapels in the Archdiocese are closed to the public and that they remain permanently locked until these restrictions are lifted.  In this way, we shall continue to play our part within every parish in fighting the Coronavirus and to show our solidarity with all those who are striving to overcome the current pandemic.

Father will be saying a private mass (him only) at 9.30am every day. We will keep everyone updated as any changes occur.

Please continue to keep in your prayers all those working in the NHS and all those who are ill because of the Coronavirus.

God Bless and stay safe!

Father Matthew

Volunteer Guidelines

Updated 10/06/2020

Already a volunteer:

The guidelines for volunteers are dependent on what area of volunteering you are in and what your volunteering entails, it is important to remember that the volunteering sector is broad so different rules may apply. You should contact the organisation you volunteer with to find out if they are still open and what to do next. If you are still required it is likely that your volunteer role will change, for example you may be asked to contact service users by phone rather than face-to-face, or if possible, you may be asked to work remotely. You should at all times follow the government and NHS health advice, by ensuring that you are making sensible decisions and minimising the risk to your own and others health at all times.

To read the full version of the guidelines, please click the link Volunteer guidelines v2