Easter Mass Times 2020

Easter Mass Times

All weekday, Easter week and weekend mass liturgies are available here for us to follow from home. Father will be saying Mass every day at 9.30am except Good Friday when he will say Mass at 3.00pm. We encourage you to join him from home at the same time especially during Holy Week. Please find liturgies for day week listed below.


Please find a link to family prayers that we can all say during Holy Week

Family Prayer – Holy Week 2020


Sunday 5 April – Palm Sunday –  https://universalis.com/20200405/mass.htm

Monday 6 April – https://universalis.com/20200406/mass.htm

Tuesday 7 April – https://universalis.com/mass.htm

Wednesday 8 April – https://universalis.com/20200408/mass.htm

Thursday 9 April – Maundy Thursday https://universalis.com/20200409/mass.htm

Friday 10 April – Good Friday https://universalis.com/20200410/mass.htm

Saturday 11 April – Easter Vigil https://universalis.com/20200411/mass.htm

Sunday 12 April – Easter Sunday – https://universalis.com/20200412/mass.htm

Easter Masses

Liturgy links will be added w/c 12 April

Monday 13 April – Easter Monday

Tuesday 14 April

Wednesday 15 April

Thursday 16 April

Friday 17 April

Saturday 18 April

Sunday 19 April