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We welcome Fr Matthew, our new Parish Priest, who will take charge on 13 January. Farewell and thank you to Fr Soji. We thank him for being with us for the last five years and will remember him fondly here at St Gerard’s. God bless!

A message from Fr Mathew Pinakkattu: Life is a journey and as Christians we have all the same end in our journey– eternal life with God. Let us help each other on this journey as we all belong to God’s family. You can catch me anytime in the presbytery or you can call me on the parish number or my mobile 07788 790928. May St Gerard protect and guide us. Please support me and pray for me. Your parish priest, Fr Mathew.

News for 2020

  • There will be a whole school mass every Friday in term time at 9.00am. Everyone is welcome to join!
  • Tuesday and Friday evening Masses are returning at 7.00pm. Please check each week’s newsletter for more information.
  • Parish Health and Safety Officer: Vacancy exists
  • Parish Finance Committee is currently made up of Fr, Sue Perkins and Sue Byrne. We would welcome another two members if anyone would like to volunteer.
  • Applications for St Gerard’s Nursery September 2020: If your child is born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 and you would like to apply for a place for them in our nursery please contact the school office on 0121 464 2613.
  • Children’s Liturgy Group: Feedback from the children and parents of the children who attend our children’s liturgy say that this group is a welcome addition to our weekly Mass and that the children are enjoying hearing and learning their own liturgy as well as creating lots of interesting things which we get to enjoy around our Church. Please continue to support the excellent work that the liturgy leaders are doing. Thank you.
  • Youth Group: This group have achieved some amazing things thanks to the support of our Parish. They are busy planning activities for this new year both for the Parish, for their chosen charity CAFOD and for their own spiritual development. Meetings are currently Thursday evening 7.00 until 8.30pm. Ages 11 to 18 and open to young adults from within and outside our Parish. Next weekend they are introducing Fr to Bowling and Indoor Golf! We hope they have a wonderful time.
  • Parish Roles: Thank you to all those that volunteered to join the various committees required to keep our Parish running . Sue will be making    contact with those who gave their details shortly. If any other parishioners would like to join either our Pastoral, Social, Property or Finance          committees then please let Sue know.
  • Church Centre: Survey report has been received and shared with the  Diocese. Fr will be meeting with the Diocese shortly to review the report and discuss our plans for the centre.
  • Church Garden: As we have been unsuccessful in securing any help in clearing the church garden we will be arranging for a skip to be delivered to the Presbytery drive on Friday. If anyone is able to lend a hand filling the skip with the garden rubbish over the weekend then please let Sue know. The garden and the church centre were both identified in the recent survey as areas that needed addressing immediately and a lot of the removing can be done by us if we work together. All help would be very much      appreciated.