COVID-19 Parish Updates

A new page has been added to the website which details measures the parish and the Diocese are taking relating to COVID-19. Please click here for specific COVID-19 Parish updates. 

Parish news

  • Deacon Alex, who has spent time during his formation with us in St Gerard’s, was ordained yesterday (13th September) at St Chad’s.
  • Fr Mathew’s Induction Mass will be celebrated on Sunday 11th October 2020 at 10.00am. If parishioners could try to attend (if safe to do so) to formally welcome him into our community.

A Message from Father Matthew – September 2020

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I thank you all for your support during this difficult time in our lives due to Covid-19. I know that very many of you have found comfort and connexion to our church by watching Live Streaming of Masses throughout the country and indeed in other countries. Through Live Streaming we have been able to reach out to so many, both far and wide and within our local area. It has, I am happy to say, connected families all over the world.

I have missed you all very much and I am very pleased that many of you are now returning to Public Mass in church. Last weekend 25 attended Public Mass at St Gerard’s over the weekend and there is nothing better than being in God’s house.

For your safety we have an excellent team of Volunteer Stewards who carry out excellent work keeping all who come to Mass safe under Government and the Archdiocese of Birmingham guidelines.

There is still no obligation to attend Mass and many of you are still shielding but it would give me great happiness to see many more of you at Mass. Now that the children are returning to school next week, to receive you and your families at Mass would be a joy.

Baptismal Preparation classes will begin next week and we look forward to receiving a number of children into our Church over the forthcoming weeks. We have a wedding booked for next year and are hoping to complete the receiving of our RCIA candidates in due course. Never had there been a better time to restart, renew, reenergise, reinvigorate, re….. our relationship with God.

God Bless you all, stay safe and take care.

Fr Mathew

Donations and weekly offerings

As you will be aware, our weekly offerings are our Parish’s only source of income at present. Whilst we work hard to secure lettings for our church centre, which has also been impacted by the situation we find ourselves in, we are ever mindful of our financial obligations. Making a regular contribution by way of standing order and additionally considering whether you are in a position to Gift Aid that contribution will be invaluable to our parish during these uncertain times.

New offertory envelope boxes have been received and will be available for collection once our church is open. We are all obviously sensitive to this issue as many of our parishioners may be struggling financially; however, we have been receiving enquiries from a number of sources regarding offerings, in view of the uncertainty of when our church may be reopened, so please be advised that we’ve made available a standing order and Gift Aid form for parishioners so they can continue to give during this time. If you prefer, retain the weekly envelopes until such time as you are able to attend church. If you run out of envelopes or you normally donate without an envelope you could pop any offerings in a plain envelope and again retain until such time as you are able to attend church.

Whilst we are unable to attend Mass at present, we are able to attend to the majority of parish matters remotely. Unfortunately, we were only at the early stages of collecting up to date contact details for our parishioners, a task we will continue with once our church is open again, therefore we are heavily reliant on our parish website to post important information. Fr is present in the presbytery and can be contacted on the church phone number or his mobile 07788 790928.

A weekly newsletter is being prepared and uploaded to the website. Please take a moment to read this.

Parish Administration

Set up a Standing Order to continue giving

NB: If you have internet banking you don’t need to fill in the standing order section of the form, please obtain your parish’s bank details direct from the parish and set up a new standing order online.


  • Download the form here and print it Standing Order Mandate
  • Fill in your bank account details and how much you wish to give etc. and sign it.
  • Then either contact your parish for the parish bank account details and add them in and post the form to your bank OR post the form to your parish and they will complete the parish section and will then post the form to your bank. Please note you can print stamps at Royal Mail
  • If you post the form to your bank yourself it would be helpful to let your parish know so that they can watch out for your donations to ensure all is well.
  • If you are a tax payer, paying sufficient tax, please consider Gift Aid. In which case please complete the Gift Aid form ensuring that it is dated on or before the date of your first payment. If you don’t need to post your standing order form to the parish, you can scan the Gift Aid form and send it to the parish, or alternatively, just hand it in when we are allowed to go back to Mass.

God bless you, THANK YOU and keep safe.

To download the standing order mandate, please click the link below.

Standing Order Mandate