Useful Information

  • Parish Safeguarding Officer is Hayley MacIlwraith who can be
    contacted on 07840 86620


  • Parish Administrator is Sue Perkins who can be contacted on 07971
    076835 or


  • Young Persons’ Officer is Eleanor Perkins who can be contacted on
    07852 404992 or


  • Parish Health and Safety Officer: Vacancy exists


  • Parish Finance Committee is currently made up of Fr, Sue Perkins and Sue Byrne. We would welcome another two members if anyone would like to volunteer.


  • Newsletter; If you would like news or events advertised in Sunday’s newsletter, please contact the Parish Administrator no later than Thursday.


  • Baptisms; A parent of the child to be baptised must be a baptised Catholic and attend Sunday Mass regularly. If you require your child to be baptised then please speak to Father Matthew at Mass on a Sunday.


  • Sacrament of the sick; Please approach Fr to receive sacrament of the sick before being admitted to hospital for treatment. If you are unable to attend Mass, Father Matthew will be happy to visit you in your home.